This is the Beretta 92G Vertec.. It is the decocker-only version of the Beretta 92, the type of pistol the service issues as the M9. This was part of a limited Law Enforcement run and includes an accessory rail for mounting a weapon light as well as Trijicon night sights.

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Here's the Beretta after I installed a pair of Hogue wrap-around grips. I had to do some minor modifications to make the grips fit the straight profile of the Vertec...but they didn't turn out too badly. It makes the feel just right for this great gun!
08 May - My first trip to the range. I was pretty happy with the overall performance of the gun!
23 Jun - I took the Beretta to the range to try out the new trigger job. What a difference! The groups improved dramatically, with no "flyers" from the DA first shot. Wow!