Here are some of the guns that have come and gone from my collection over the years. If the gun's page is still active, you can click on the picture to see it's history.

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Sig P228 Page
Mossberg 500 Project Page
Ruger GP-100 Page
Steyr M9 Page
SigArms P228

Steyr M9

Ruger GP-100

Walther P99C 9mm

Ruger KP89 Page
Ruger KP89D

Mossberg 500 12 ga

Glock G21 Page
Glock G21

CZ 97B Page
Glock G17

CZ 97B Satin

Glock 17 Page
Walther P99 AS 9mm

Walther P99 Page
CZ 75BD Page

Lnacaster AK-47 Page
Lancaster AK-47

Henry Big Boy .45-70

Stag Arms AR-15