We moved into our house in March 2012. From the beginning, we were excited about the potential -- not that we had to make any changes, but we could if we want to. Below is part of our "adventure" as we turned the house into a home.
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Mud Room
The "office"
Original Exterior
Dining Room
Master Bath Sink & Commode
Master Bath Shower
Master Bath Tub
Sun Room
When we bought the house, 12 rooms were painted pink. Notice the lime green "accent wall" in the kitchen? And the Crest blue color in the master bath? We particularly enjoyed the 6 1/2 square feet of counter space in the kitchen!

On the bright side, we loved all of the windows and the sun room. Color is easy to change -- and the bones of the house were good!

The first thing to go was the pink (most of it) and the carpeting. Hardwood (bamboo) in the living room and master bedroom, followed (eventually) by laminate flooring in the sun room and the two downstairs bedrooms.
3 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths
~ 2400 sq ft on 3 acres of land
Living Room
Our Library
The Office
The Library
The living floor is dark brown (I know it looks purplish -- check the picture looking into the sunroom/library).
Entertainment Center
The biggest issue we had was the kitchen -- the usable space was just too small. So we came up with a plan (on our own), broke out the sledge hammer, and went to work. We removed the pantry and wall, took out the cabinets and started from scratch.

The final product includes a huge island (5 ft x 8 ft), a built-in buffet (3 ft x 6 ft) and lots of cabinet space (including two 8 ft pantry cabinets). Both ends of the island have overhangs and stools for seating, and it's really functional!
Stove Wall
End of Day 1
Pantry coming down with vent
This was a "full service" project - electrical, plumbing, dry wall. The only thing I didn't do myself was run the new propane line to the stove.
Notice the vines stenciled on the soffit??
Finished Island
Finished Buffet and Pantry
The way it looked when we first saw it.
Pink on full display...with blue-green tile. Yummy!!
The lime green "accent" wall -- with the pink & white tile and pink walls.
At least the bathroom wasn't pink...it was "Crest" blue!
Exterior - minus the shutters
The shutters didn't last long...
All told, it took less than two weeks to get the cabinets installed and the walls painted again. Unfortunately we had to replace both our A/C units, so the "real" quartz countertops we had picked out went on hold. Once they're done, then the tile will be replaced.
WIth three acres of property (about 2 of it being yard), there's always something to work on outside. Below are some of the "bigger" projects.
Bee Fountain
Herb Garden
Shooting Backstop
We started two bee colonies - this is the apiary. And since bees need water, a bee fountain right next to it!
There's no sense living in the country and not taking advantage of it...so I set up my own shooting range. It's good to about 25 yds.
With an active 12-yr old, a playscape is a good way for him to burn off energy. It features the rock climbing wall, a ladder and an inclined plane to reach the platform. Of course, he still spends most of his time playing in the back of my pickup!
An herb garden was one of Annie's first projects. That's when we learned that all of the topsoil had been pushed off the hill when the house was built, and beneath the grass is solid red clay!!
(It's about twice as big now...Annie has made slow but steady progress.)
Garden Beds
After learning our lesson with the herb garden, we built raised beds for our vegetable gardens. We now have 4 of them, each 4 ft x 8 ft by 18 in deep.
Roof Finished
Roof Going On
Who doesn't want to replace their roof? The good news is, we'll never have to do it again (on this house)! (And this is one we paid someone else to do!)
Barn Assembled
Barn Delivered
Barn Framing
Barn in Progress
Barn Jenga Pile
My most ambitious outdoor project to date has been the barn. We ordered a kit for a 14x20 ft barn from Vermont, then put it together. I'm stubborn enough that I can say I accepted absolutely no help from anyone...I installed every single board and batten myself. (That may not have been the smartest move, but that's typical "me"!)

The barn is our new workshop -- the tools finally have a home besides the car port!