I've been very happy with my Kel-Tec SU-22 -- and this new RDB Bullpup design was too interesting to pass up! This one is chambered in 5.56mm/.223, and accepts standard AR magazines. It's very easy to shoot and the bottom ejection eliminates the threat of hot brass down your shirt!

This one is sporting a Sig Sauer Rome4/Juliet4 red dot/maginifier combo. It makes for very quick acquisition of targets both near and far.

This is definitely a "go to" gun!!
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A couple of minor (and easy) mods to the RDB. The first is a larger lever to activate the bolt release. The release itself - from Lucky Irishman Firearms - is small and can be a little hard to locate on the first try. The lever gives easy access and activates the release perfectly.

The second mod was a flared magwell from Dan Haga Designs. It provides just enough guidance to help the magazines seat smoothly and quickly.
A couple of more mods to the RDB. The first is a Lucky Irishman Raptor hand guard. Very easy to install, and it adds more M-Lok connections.  (Plus it looks much better than the factory hand guard!) I put a 7-spot Picatinny rail on the bottom and a 5-spot rail on the right side, It also requires a new M-lok swivel on the forend because the old connection point is gone.

Just for good measure, I also added some offset back-up iron sights to the top rail. In the event the optic fails, the sights can be raised and the gun canted 45 degrees to the left to bring the sights to the top. Cheap insurance in the event of a failure!