I was so impressed with the M&P 9 Compact that I bought the full size, too! It might find its way into the line up for USPSA. I think some trigger work and new sights will be in order soon! I may also try my hand at a little stippling on the grip (S&W inlcuded an extra medium backstrap -- maybe it's a sign!).
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34 rds at 10 yds
50 rds at 10 yds
17 rds at 15 yds
        So here's the first trip to the range: 170 rds of WWB 115 gr FMJ and 50 rds of Federal Hydra-Shock JHP. Not a hiccup with any of them! The first target was the first few magazines from 10 yds, the second target is 17 rds from 15 yds. The third target is the 50 rds of JHP from 10 yds. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with the gun!
Stippling - Backstrap
Stippling - Front Strap
        Okay...I can't leave well enough alone! I wanted to increase the texture on the grip. I tried some tape, but that didn't adhere very well. So I decided to try my hand at stippling the front and back straps. It's a fairly aggressive pattern, but I wanted good texture for competition shooting. A sweaty hand on a polymer grip can spell disaster! I used a soldering iron to work the polymer - it took about 20 minutes to do both the front and back. I'm pretty happy with the results - it looks alright and it feels very good in my hand!
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        I did a little more stippling work, adding a small area for my strong-hand thumb. I'd like to add some forward of the takedown lever for my weakhand thumb, but that would render the gun illegal for USPSA Production Division. So for now this is as far as I'll go.