I was holding out for the new Beretta PX4 Subcompact, but I got interested in the M&P 9mm Compact and I was sold! It's a good fit and it conceals well. The recoil is typical of a compact, but certainly manageable. It will make a great concealed carry gun.
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        I took the M&P straight to the range and gave it a work out. It ate 100 rds of WWB, 50 rds of Hyrda-Shock and 50 rds of Expanding Full Metal Jacket without a single hiccup. Here are some targets from the trip. The first and last were offhand at 10 yds. The middle target is the small (4"x5") insert on the B-27 target. That was slow, aimed fire from 7 yds. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this gun!
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        I did a little bit of stippling work to add some texture to the grip. The stippling on the front and back straps is pretty low-key -- I don't want it getting hung up when I carry it. It's just enough to give it a little extra texture when I need it. I also added a little texture to the side of the frame for my weak and strong hand thumbs to rest on. All in all, it adds a nice feel to the gun.
        Here's another neat accessory -- it's a sleeve that allows you to use a full-size (17-rd) M&P 9 magazine with a compact gun. It slips on easily and it gives you a full-size grip. I plan on using one on the spare magazine I carry for the M&P 9C, giving me an extra 17 rounds instead of 12. I got the sleeve from Custom Carry Concepts .