One AK wasn't enough! I bought a Saiga rifle. It is built on the original Kalashnikov design but with some modifications. As purchased, it's considered a sporting rifle. A few modifications can turn it into a true AK-style rifle.

I plan to make this a project gun, adding a folding stock, pistol grip, compensator, a new fire control group and modifying it to accept standard AK magazines. I also plan to send the foreend grip out for some modifications.

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        Well here's a shot of the conversion in progress. I removed the trigger guard and the trigger plate, then relocated the trigger guard forward. I was fortunate that the receiver already had the military openings for the trigger and pistol grip.

The next step is to install the pistol grip, then reinstall the fire control group. I sent the handguard off to be modified, and I have a bullet guide and parts for a side-folding 6-position collapsible stock coming, too. Eventually I'll be threading the barrel and adding a muzzle device.

Here's an exact list of the parts I'm installing:
TAPCO G2 Single Hook Fire Control Group (3 US parts) and Retainer Plate
ACE Internal Receiver Block
ACE Folding Stock Mechanism
ACE Pig Nose CAR Adapter
US-made Gas Piston (1 US Part)
CAA 6-position Collapsible Stock (CBST)
CAA Universal Pistol Grip (UPG) (includes 6 interchangeable backstraps/finger grooves)
AK Bullet Guide
AK Concepts DNTC Compensator (1 US part - eventually!)

        Because the CAA grip and buttstock are made in Israel, they can't be counted toward 922R compliance. So to compensate, I purchased US-made floor plates and followers for all of my AK mags. Note that if I were to pick up just any AK mag and insert it, I risk violating the 922R parts count. I don't like this solution, but the CAA parts are too sweet to part with!!
Saiga with mods
Saiga with stock folded
Close up of folded stock
        03 June: Here's where I've gotten so far. The CAA collapsible stock and all the ACE hardware came this weekend. I got all of it plus the G2 fire control group installed. All I need now is the CAA pistol grip (that's just a temporary standard AK grip on there) and to get the handguard back.

I ran into a little problem installing the bullet guide - the tap broke off. I drilled it out, but I had to go with a larger diameter hole so I need to get a new screw.

If all goes right, I should have it complete next weekend.

Saiga - Grip and Bolt
Saiga - Handguard
06 June: Well, I didn't make it to the weekend!

When I got home tonight I found the handguard and the pistol grip waiting for me. So I installed them (along with the BHO -- I finished the bullet guide two nights ago)'s done!

So now all I have to do is get to the range to try her out!

Saiga AK47
14 June: I ordered an UTG ergonomical vertical grip. It really makes the rifle nice to balance.

27 June: I finally got the barrel threaded and the FSB replaced. I think I'm finally done!
Saiga with AKC Compensator