Since I can't leave well enough alone....

Here's the S12 with the PolyChoke installed. It's made for the Saiga and screws right on to the external barrel threads. I also installed a Russian recoil pad -- this baby kicks a little bit!

I used the left over parts from the Saiga stock to add a sling swivel to the handguard. That allowed me to install an East German AK sling (the AK buttstock came with the swivel already).
Well, I guess you can say I was bitten by the Saiga bug! I liked my 7.62x39 AK so much, that I bought an S12 shotgun. After the conversion, it will have the same look and function as my AK's, which reduces the number of different operations I have to learn.

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Here's the S12 after my tactical mods. I added a fixed-length stock and SAW-style pistol grip, a TAPCO G2 fire control group, UTG rail, foregrip,  and low-rise scope mount. It's also sporting a 10-rd AGP magazine.

Hi, my name is Jim and I'm a Saigaholic....

Okay, I'm really done this time! Here's what's new:
- Elevated front sight
- Viking Tactics Light Mount
- CAA CBS 6-position Collapsible Stock

I really like the CAA stock -- even though it's not a compliance part (it's made in Israel). The good news with the S12 is that I had parts to spare, so unlike the 7.62x39 conversion, I didn't have to worry about the buttstock origin. CAA now makes one specifically for stamped receiver AK's. It has an aluminum extension tube with an integrated (aluminum) receiver block. It includes the built-in butt pad and spots for quick-detach, push button swivels.

The light is mounted in a Viking Tactics Picatinny rail light mount. It fits any 1 inch diameter light and it's positioned so I can operate the push button with my thumb while I'm holding the vertical grip.

The elevated sight provides a longer sight radius. I also added the higher rear sight, so we'll see how it improves my accuracy.
Saiga S12 Tactical
After running my S12 through a Suarez shotgun fighting course, I did make a few minor changes. First, I got rid of the vertical grip. It got in the way of the magazine changes and it didn't add much to my firing. Next, I switched the light to the left side and installed the pressure pad on the forearm. Finally, I replaced the AK sling with a Viking VTAC two-point tactical sling (the same thing that's on my AK and AR). It ran like a champ and I think it's "set" for Home Defense.
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The last "accessory" for my S12 arrived -- it's an MD ARms 20-round drum magazine. It's probably not something that I need to have, but it's cool!