Here are some targets from my first time out with the KP89D. Gotta love those 17-rd magazines! (Note: Each ring is 1/2")
My wife has been making very good progress. Here's her afternoon outing with her Ruger KP93. Maybe now the kids will clean their rooms!
Me and my Walther P99-- helping Bin Laden have a bad day!
KP-89D Targets
Walther P99AS Targets
Here is the target from my first time out with the P99. Although I didn't really like the sights at first, I can't really complain about the results!
First 15 rds - 7 yds
Miscellaneous Targets and Fun
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23 rounds from 7 yds
23 Apr - Took my Walther back to the range for some more practice. This was my first outing with the new HiViz sight on it. I'm pretty pleased with it.
Steyr M9 Targets
Here are my targets from my first outing with the Steyr. The trapezoidal sights will take a little getting used to. I seem to be shooting high and left with it...but that will get better with time!
7 yds
10 yds
Each ring is 1/2 inch
KP-93 Targets
Here's the first magazine my wife fired from her P93. A little wild (7 of 17 hit the target)....lots of shots hit way below the target.
This was interesting. I fired twenty rounds from 10 yds. The first 10 rounds, I aimed and fired slowly. That's the group at the upper left of the target. The second 10 rounds, I fired rapidly and just waited long enough to get the sight picture. Notice those rounds hit the target. The trapeziodal sight is going to take some getting used to!
10 yds
After she shot some of my other guns, we came back to the P93. Here's her target from 5 yds -- a remarkable improvement! I wish I could take credit, but whatever was wrong, she fixed it herself!
I wondered if the choice of target had affected her shooting...obviously not! The same good performance with the correction target at 5 yds!
I wondered if maybe the shorter distance caused the marked improvement. Here's a target at 10 yds....a little more scatter but still some solid shooting. This was also after an hour of shooting -- and that P93 gets heavy! That's along way from 7 of 17 on the first target from 7 yds!
I took my turn with the P93, too. Just like my P89 -- I love this gun! Here's a magazine shot from 10 yds. (I don't know what happened with those two rounds at the bottom!)
02 Apr: I took the M9 back to the range with my wife. The more I shoot it, the more comfortable I'm getting with it. Here are a couple of our targets.

My wife's try with the Steyr from 7 yds.
Black circle is 4" across
Inner ring is 2" x 2 1/2"
I like the variety -- here are 4 of the guns from 10 yds. (Clockwise from top left: Walther P99, Steyr M9, Ruger P93, Glock 17)
(Those "flyers" above the G17 were some off-hand and strong-hand only shots!)
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03 Apr: I took my son (and my M9) back to the range today. Here's 20 rds from 10 yds. I think it's finally starting to come together!
Each square is 2"
Inner oval is 1.75" x 2.5"
29 Apr 05
The P99 continues to perform flawlessly. Here's a magazine of 15 rounds fired from 10 yds in about 15 seconds. The HiViz sight is easy to align and produces excellent results.
Glock 21 Targets
Here are some targets using my Glock 21. It has a new tungsten guide rod, 3.5 lb connector, Seattle plug and an extended magazine release. New Heinie/Dawson sights are next! Overall, I'm very happy with the way this gun feels and shoots.
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